Self Harming Behaviors – When coping skills become dangerous

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Presentation Hosted by Which Way Podcast and originally published on July 12, 2019

Self harm or nonsuicidal self injury is more common than many people think. It’s a topic that is often misunderstood and frequently judged. In this podcast, Christy Plaice, LPC reveals the truth about these behaviors and what we can do when we are close to someone who hurts themselves as a way to cope. As Founder and Clinical Director of Door of the Soul, located in Georgia, Christy provides psychotherapy, counseling, presentations/trainings, consultations, supervision, and leadership in a variety of arenas. She believes that there is no greater gift than connecting deeply with another person, and feels privileged to do this every day. Christy is dedicated to helping people move through challenges, and into a life with greater vitality and meaning.


Christy Plaice, LPC, MAC, CCT

Christy is a clinical psychotherapist with 15 years experience in private practice. As a complex trauma survivor herself, Christy speaks openly and honestly about the different types of trauma people can experience, the effects of our life experiences and what it takes to overcome.

Self Harming Behaviors - When coping skills become dangerous

by Christy Plaice & Which Way Podcast